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1. Austin, TX509,5431068
2. Chicago, IL873,015876
3. Minneapolis, MN356,475853
4. Portland, OR373,151714
5. New York, NY479,162708
6. Seattle, WA288,927682
7. San Francisco, CA752,785630
8. Los Angeles, CA388,270522
9. Atlanta, GA305,532505
10. Columbus, OH183,631504
11. Charlotte, NC256,207438
12. Houston, TX182,710414
13. San Diego, CA313,355411
14. Phoenix, AZ188,465381
15. Brooklyn, NY198,300366
16. St Paul, MN143,590366
17. Denver, CO211,010364
18. San Antonio, TX190,462357
19. Saint Louis, MO237,762337
20. Washington, DC219,709337
21. Milwaukee, WI151,134312
22. Raleigh, NC79,152309
23. Dallas, TX151,132300
24. Philadelphia, PA116,945295
25. Oklahoma City, OK83,651279
26. Indianapolis, IN141,439277
27. Orlando, FL138,745271
28. Tucson, AZ94,436263
29. Tampa, FL144,833236
30. Cincinnati, OH100,952234
31. Kansas City, MO87,305211
32. Baltimore, MD97,252208
33. Boston, MA89,163204
34. Las Vegas, NV566,010202
35. Nashville, TN102,494202
36. Pittsburgh, PA68,401201
37. Richmond, VA112,391195
38. Birmingham, AL62,951189
39. Cleveland, OH66,369187
40. Scottsdale, AZ192,520182
41. Wichita, KS50,957181
42. San Jose, CA111,111179
43. Des Moines, IA90,590178
44. Grand Rapids, MI70,417175
45. Honolulu, HI165,800169
46. Miami, FL110,637169
47. Salt Lake City, UT98,459163
48. Omaha, NE44,775160
49. Jacksonville, FL52,764155
50. Madison, WI46,230154
51. Shawnee Mission, KS41,314154
52. Fort Lauderdale, FL55,858153
53. Spokane, WA40,822152
54. Albuquerque, NM126,277149
55. Louisville, KY41,957149
56. Rochester, NY117,206148
57. Tulsa, OK75,116146
58. Knoxville, TN39,195145
59. Boise, ID62,861144
60. Boulder, CO78,597139
61. Memphis, TN114,847132
62. Columbia, MO29,595129
63. Ann Arbor, MI35,610126
64. Arlington, VA58,973122
65. Virginia Beach, VA44,873116
66. Dayton, OH56,534115
67. Tempe, AZ60,239115
68. Tallahassee, FL35,989114
69. West Palm Beach, FL51,751114
70. Greensboro, NC45,177113
71. New Orleans, LA39,784112
72. Wilmington, NC62,238112
73. Fort Collins, CO61,248111
74. Portland, ME46,421111
75. Fort Wayne, IN56,220108
76. Cedar Rapids, IA28,130106
77. Fayetteville, AR24,943106
78. Columbia, SC54,244104
79. Charleston, SC49,912103
80. Tacoma, WA31,010103
81. Plano, TX75,119102
82. Sacramento, CA44,328102
83. Springfield, MO28,059102
84. Eugene, OR31,857101
85. Little Rock, AR45,595101
86. Buffalo, NY73,249100
87. Lexington, KY57,595100
88. Mesa, AZ42,911100
89. Bellevue, WA34,05998
90. Oakland, CA39,72397
91. Colorado Springs, CO81,46395
92. Marietta, GA69,41492
93. Cambridge, MA30,97691
94. Charlottesville, VA27,05091
95. Alexandria, VA33,02090
96. Corpus Christi, TX82,14890
97. Fargo, ND39,16090
98. Fort Worth, TX82,54888
99. Lincoln, NE21,72288
100. Durham, NC30,27686

tiny - tiny

24 year old guy living and working in sioux falls sd work for the post office love music

grandmatweeker - sharonlhatfield

nathanschock - Nathan Schock

PR Director for the largest biofuels producer in the world (@ethanolbyPOET). Here I Tweet about green media, marketing and PR and occasionally biofuels.

thepomproom - The Pomp Room

Info on upcoming shows anywhere in Sioux Falls, SD.

ShaneDailey - Shane Dailey

Agrimarketer by trade and currently serving as Governor for AAF-District 8. A foodie to say the least. Would rather be traveling than staying at home.

romerstx - Steve Romero

short fat mexican grew up in San Diego

JoshAberson - Josh Aberson

Realtor with Hegg Residential

funkyfreshinc - Funky Fresh Inc.

a creative studio that keeps it real

TheEmpireMall - The Empire Mall

South Dakota's Premier Shopping Destination

davemedema - Dave Medema

A Sioux Falls lifer dedicated to the persuit of fun and things that make my life easier. Also a partner at Funky Fresh Inc.

kkeys - kkeys

BrettStolz - Brett Stolz

Acct Exec at New Horizons-SD. Need computer training? I'm your guy!

Localtweeps Status:Adobe Classes in June! Special offer ends 6/19. 4 Adobe classes for $899! brett.stolz@nhsf.com #lt

kjmarie - Kjersten Joachim

WonderWy - Wonder Wyant

Ustabee: carny, paralegal, biz owner -- Wannabee: web designer, pilot, pioneer.

_kennedy - kennedy

Designing, Biking, Playing Music, Listening to Music, Photographing, CSSing, Rock Climbing, napping at a professional level.

SiouxFallsUp - SiouxFallsUPCom

Young Community Leaders of Sioux Falls

soofoogamers - Brandon

A South Dakota video game community trying to promote competitive events in the Sioux Falls area.

605magazine - 605 Magazine

We are the Youth of Sioux Falls. We are tight-knit, smart, active and vocal.

SanfordHealth - Sanford Health

Sanford Health, based in Sioux Falls, SD, is the largest medical facility in the region providing a variety of healthcare services.

siouxempiretreb - Royce Hansman

Real Estate Media Marketing!

MarcieRoggow - Marcie Roggow

Quinnkathner - Quinnkathner

Copywriter at Fresh Produce - A creative shop harvested from a cornfield in Sioux Falls, SD.

awayken - Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

spinningdoggies - Ruth S.

I have way too little time for my hobbies, small business and full time job oh and a bf and my dog.

dgrins - dgrins

bethjensen - Beth Jensen

News Director at KELO-TV, the CBS affilliate in Sioux Falls, SD

kleisinger - Kristi Leisinger

Commercial Real Estate/Business Broker, healthcare/small business consultant, chocolate guru, computer chick, Mountain Dewaholic, family funster.

MatthewDP - Matthew Paulson

Software Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur, etc.

MaryAkkerman - Mary Akkerman

Attorney / lawyer licensed in South Dakota Minnesota doing trusts, wills, probate, guardianships, conservatorships, taxation related litigation; mom

Ali_Maurer - Ali_Maurer

Self Employed Artist!

chetgreenlee - Chet Greenlee

I'm a nice guy. artist/builder

Millerfh - Miller Funeral Home

Official Twitter Site of Miller Funeral Home.

mathew28 - Herman M. Schlechter

WashPavilion - Washington Pavilion

Mission of the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science: To educate, entertain, inspire and to enrich community by making arts and science part of our lives.

ericortega - Eric Ortega

The Ramblings of a Packet Mechanic

Flopperbluejay - Flopper Blue Jay

I'm the resident blue jay at The Outdoor Campus, in Sioux Falls, SD. I teach people about birds, bird feeding and conservation. SD Game, Fish and Parks

btilus - Brandon Tilus

nerd. jock. designer. builder. photography

ChildrensCare - Jeff@ChildrensCare

Special needs hospital/school for children including those with autism.

jpickett1968 - jpickett1968

Dad, Marketer, runner, creative type and LOST fan

outdoorcampus - The Outdoor Campus

We are a part of SD Game, Fish and Parks. We are a nature center and teach outdoor skills like hunting, fishing, camping, photography, canoeing, bird watching.

completefaith - completefaith

All About Him...

CordesStudio - Dale Cordes

3D illustration, storyboards and surf music.

SoDakDoogie - Doug White

Father of 2 great kids, Computer Systems Developer, a geek in many different areas.

MindFlame - Eric Raasch

President/Creative Director at MindFlame. Fortunate husband. Proud father of three. Antique brass fire extinguisher collector. Lover of the outdoors.

tessls - tessls

Feminist On-Board

ShariRene - Shari Beaudette

Things I can't live without - my kids, my German Sherpherd, gardening, cooking, biking, wine, music, my career-my job-I actually love it!, and God!

Brienne - Brienne

Friends. Music. Life!

tmentele - Tim Mentele

Computer Geek, RC Geek, Gamer, Dog Lover, TV addict

maggiemayhem - doogooders.com

2 of the coolest pugs ever! do u know anyone with 4 legs and no thumbs on twitter? that's what we thought. btw our daddy is burdine and mommy joleneloetscher.

holli_joi - Holli Rausch

I'm a graphic designer and I hit my head on things. A lot.

jeffmeuz - Jeff Meuzelaar

Marketer by day, DJ by night. Enthusiastic about Macs, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Mt. Dew.

zechariahs - Zack (s-01)

Author of Ping Fire and BlackPing. Geek, Coder, Jet-setter

jonathangarcia - Jonathan Garcia

Web producer, digital photographer, musician. WARNING: I tweet a lot.

theamillerryan - Thea Miller Ryan

Freelance writer, book author (seeking agent!), mom, wife, reader, sushi addict, conure, 'keet and cat owner, nature center director.

travisdahle - Travis Dahle

Communication is my passion. I blog, teach, tweet and coach on all things related to communication. It boarders on obsessive.

carmentoft - Carmen Toft

jenimc - Jennifer McNamara

Rock Star Mom, Pit Bull owner, Animal Rescue Chick, Sioux Falls native, loves South Dakota

Localtweeps Status:countdown is on! only 3 more days! #armsaroundautism #siouxfallstweetup #lt

webuildplanes - We Build Airplanes

A band that's still trying to figure out what it means to be in a band.

MissyMK - Missy Kitzman


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